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As of July 22, 2013, all information has been pulled from this blog to prevent theft, and all activity has been ceased.

Damned Souls

someone give me the will to write her headcanons again


He was about to sit himself down upon the sofa; stuck in a sort of awkward halfway sitting position before he heard the voice. Immediately, Rhys shot straight up and turned toward the source.

Iesu a Dewi Sant. Well! There’s a face I haven’t… I haven’t exactly…-,” he gestured wildly and tittered, “nothing of interest happened.” Rhys composed himself and nodded.

Gliding across the floor she waved off his startled reaction, silently apologizing for her lack of a warning. Her smile was subdued, but of course genuine.

"It has been a while, hasn’t it?"  she clasped her hands in front of her hips, nodding once, "A pity- I had expected a better story from your day. Did I miss your initial sarcasm?"


And I was never the same again.


And I was never the same again.



Today was certainly interesting.

"And what made it so-if I may inquire, Rhys?"



The fact that some of my old friends are still going strong in this community baffles me

I dropped because it wasn’t an important part of my life, and I can’t pick up because literally no one who I formed my demon-family with is still here

Plus tumblr demons suck 200% 99.99% of the time js

But yo if I could do anything to get 2k11 back for a like a week, I’d pounce on everyone and never drop that contact line

Also it’d be nice to have Andrea be the Queen again for a week holla

My legacy on this account is that damn post about the Ronald McdonaldxAmerica Doujin

Still getting notes

Still going

And this is all that’s active now


That’s great! You do the art thing. YOU DO IT ALL THE WAY, GIRL. I figured you were busy with school, life, or just lack of muse inspiration. It happens.

I should not have lost contact with you ;;; I am so sorry

I had to do that silly thing called self discovery, getting through senior year, and travelling all summer. But school is the main focus now. What have you been dealing with? ; - ; I’m sorry it seems like a chunk of it was being so sick!

Nooo, it’s my fault honestly. I deactivated this blog basically, lost the will to rp on tumblr, and dipped off of skype for months (computer broke) but it’s okay. At least we can still talk right? ;w;


YES OH MY GOD? I hope everything is going well where you are /;A;/

Man, I’ve been way sick still. Going back to school in spring thankfully. How have you been, though? I missed the heck out of you. Do I follow your personal blog on mine erm???? 

It’s going well! Got into college and continuing art education there so. I’m so sorry you’ve been so ill! At least you’re getting back onto your feet a bit though, right? Good to hear you’re headed towards school again!

I don’t think you do- my blog is wovenbystripes soooooo. I missed the heck out of you too. jfc.

It was extremely disappointing that I had to type that response to the anon

But I felt it was necessary to clarify my feelings on the issue, since apparently people are still questioning it.

Found some old promo posts on my computer and I couldn’t fight the tightness of my chest seeing them. Needed to swing a head around here another time and check up on everyone.

It’s a shame I lost my rp buzz, but I’ve had a broken computer since March, and that need to rp is substantially underwhelming. Just know that I’m still alive and fairly well…

I’ll be in Europe for the first time in three weeks from today, and then I’m pursuing graphic design in college. Perhaps the free time will be an opportunity to reconnect with some old guys if you’d like.

9 months ago
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ohhhh wait, you are that fucking cherokee RPer, huh? guess who is back, i found you again! aginegalv-tsisuwisga is back and you will cry!

I wish I wasn’t on my cellphone so I could give you the perfect gif reaction image for this anon. Seriously though? That was years ago and I’ve come a damn long way from being a totally ignorant “white girl” to someone vehemently opposed to cultural appropriation and well educated in the subject area. I’ve done not a lick wrong since that egregious error, my personal apologies have long been sent, read, and understood. How dare you to dredge up the scars that have healed and inspired my own opposition to such stupidity!

Seriously? My personal too? I was having the most pleasant trip down memory lane and now my heart is thumping again because some uninformed anon has a stick up his ass. It’s old news, man. I corrected that part of me, learned why it was wrong and refuse to ever partake in something like that again.

Did you not see the thousand of pages on this blog? A bloody mythical nation, far away from any culturally offensive material to the Native populations. I moved on. And then I moved on from this account back to reality-where oh by the way-I freely stand against cultural appopriation, call out bs I saw in my daily life, and took the time to learn more from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation last year. Those days are way gone for me, and I more than respect the privacy and dignity of the distinct separate cultures of the many native peoples in America.

Fuck right off man, you couldn’t get me to bat an eyelash now. If you’re hung up on it then I’m truly sorry that I affected you in a way, I’m sorry for my offense, and I’m sorry it happened. But I learned from it, and I’m better as a human being knowing what I know now from the experience.

Hopefully I’ll be switching fandoms soon

If my bloody laptop would ever get fixed, then I’m gonna make an OUAT blog for an oc I’ve recently begun working on. Its not really a shock because I’ve been inactive for half a year now (esp. Since moving events) but I figure its just a fair heads up.

Thank you to all who helped me develop my characters, writing skills, and essentially myself through my time here. Whether I disliked or liked you is irrelevant because you were all equally important.

The dream is someday you won’t see Andrealphis as just a url, but a movie poster reblogged all over tumblr with a beautiful plotline and characters full of depth.

Alas I am graduating only in two weeks so that won’t be quite yet.

I doubt I’ll post the url of my new blog here…just because a fresh start is a wonderful thing.